We welcome Hala Neji, who rejoins IAAA lab as a post-doctoral researcher after ending her PhD in Tunisia. She will focus her research on machine learning techniques applied to the processing of historical documents giving a boost to this research line from our team.

Hala Neji

“I defended my PhD in 2022 at the Electrical Engineering Doctorate Programme of the Doctoral School of “Sciences, Engineering and Society” from the National School of Engineers of Gabes (ENIG) at University of Gabes (Tunisia) under the supervision of Mohamed Ben Halima and Adel M. Alimi from the Research Groups in Intelligent Machines (REGIM) Lab of the University of Sfax (Tunisia) and Javier Nogueras from the IAAA lab.

During the development of the PhD, I performed two research stays (March-May 2018; September-November 2019) at IAAA Lab. Moreover, between February 2020 and July 2021 I joined the IAAA lab as a researcher providing support to the application of machine learning techniques in different projects. I had the pleasure of working with the senior researchers of the IAAA team during this period. The whole experience of co-authoring projects helped me grow as a researcher as they lead by example. Their unmatched work ethic coupled with their efficient coding skills and problem-solving abilities is an asset for achieving research results.

On my side, I have a Hands-on experience in several research projects within the field of Computer Vision and Deep Learning, and I am used to writing, publishing and presenting research papers in international top-ranked journals and conferences.

Passionate about problem-solving and Algorithms and document image enhancement and any innovation in deep learning techniques, you can check my google scholar profile (https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=JvHz__4AAAAJ&hl=fr&oi=ao).