Professional career

Francisco J. Lopez-Pellicer holds a PhD in Computer Science(April 2011), an MS degrees in Computer Science (July 2005) and an MS degree in Economics and Business (June 1992) from the Universidad Zaragoza. Francisco J. Lopez-Pellicer is member of the Advanced Information Systems Laboratory (IAAA) since February 2004. Francisco is Associate Professor at the Universidad Zaragoza since November 2015. Previously, he was Assistant Professor at the same University since November 2007.

Francisco has focused his research efforts in how data and metadata are used in the multidisciplinary area of the data infrastructures, with a strong focus in the spatial domain. His current research interests are the development of metadata and data-related technologies, the discovery and indexing of web resources, and the reuse of data. He is author and coauthor of more than 50 articles published in journals, books and national and international conference proceedings and workshops. He has also participated in public R+D call for tender, and in national and European research technology transfer contracts.

Areas of expertise:

  • Open data
  • Linked open data
  • Web and information systems
  • Software Design & Development
  • Geo-information and spatial data

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You can find him at: